Google Rating of 5 Stars

Lora Wilford

“Everyone should try Theresa Allen step class and boot camp class”

Kyleigh Payne

“Great environment, great coaches!”

Trae Winkler

“Awesome place!!! Wonderful training spot for young athletes”

Sab Hunt

“Theresa’s workouts are outstanding! Come join us.”

Jamie Mills

“Anybody who wishes to improve their teams athletic performance or their child’s athletic ability should check this place out!! So long needed in this area.”

Brea Browning

“Theresa’s step class and boot camp class is awesome! Everyone should try it out!”

Shae Moyers

“Awesome people and an even better work out environment!”

Raeghan Moyers

“I love the facility and the staff is amazing! Great work outs with a variety of different classes.”

Sebastian Wagoner

“Awesome place!! been working with Jimmy for about 2 weeks now and there is no place better!! awesome people and facility!”

Stephen Foster

“Awesome place. Jimmy is top notch. He does great work with athletes coming back from injuries, and or helping them develop their athleticism to reach the next level. Highly recommend.”

Cindi Robertson

“This place is answered prayer for any athlete who wants to make it to the next level or improve their performance in their sport. The educated and professional staff & facilities are top notch. From individualized plans to team workouts, they come alongside to encourage excellence. When the Physical Therapy portion of the program opens in Spring of 2021 the athletes & PT patients of the Tri-State area will have the best overall comprehensive care around. Highly recommend!”

Ariel Nickell

“I look forward to my Monday and Friday workout with Pawel! His boot camp style class is the perfect way to start and end the week. The classes are challenging and yet can be modified for any fitness level.”

Cynthia Wilder

“Great place! Went for my first time and I could just tell it was a great atmosphere with awesome teachers & trainers!!”

Laura Bingham

“I cannot say enough great things about Elevation Sports Performance! Every fitness class I have attended has been top notch. I highly recommend Theresa’s step class as well as Becky’s hustle and flow class (those lavender towels are amazing!)”

Halsey Parks

“Anyone who is looking to get a good workout in should go to Elevation! I was initially hesitant to go to group fitness classes, especially during a pandemic. However, Pawel’s 5:00 AM boot camp is very welcoming, encouraging and can be modified for all levels of fitness. The classes are always very clean and safe! Everyone should try out Elevation!”

Brad Levy

“The team at Elevation Sports Performance has been working with our high school boys basketball program for almost a month and I can see significant improvements in our athletes’ ability to move and their overall athletic performance. The trainers at Elevation are professional and always prepared for each workout. Each workout program they create can be tailored to a specific sport or individual goal that you want to accomplish. If you want results for whatever your situation is, Elevation Sports Performance is the way to go. Period.”

Emily Smith

“Elevation is such an amazing asset to our community. I have taken my daughter (4.5 years) to the Little Gym and she loves it. I love how they are teaching kids how to work on balance, self confidence, how to play with others, etc. My daughter asks daily if today is the day she gets to go to Little Gym. I have attended many classes and have enjoyed each one. HIIT, Hustle & Flow, Hi-Yo, and have 2 more scheduled this week. The atmosphere is incredible and the facility is top-notch. The trainers are so wonderful to encourage during class. I love everything about Elevation and am so thankful to have such a wonderful facility for our small town.”

Danita Biliter

“If you want your child to excel in sports and training, Elevation Sports Performance is the place to go! We have a 13 year old daughter that plays basketball and 16 year old son that plays football, basketball, and baseball. We have taken them to several different sports training facilities in Knoxville and Lexington for individual and group workouts and none come close to what Elevation has to offer. The trainers have excellent credentials and have instilled a rigorous work ethic already in my children. It’s great to have top notch facilities, equipment, and trainers in our town that are invested in the growth and mind set of our areas kids!”

Danny Lemarr

“Functional kettlebell class is very challenging. Be prepared to be sucking air and muscles burning! Good thing is you can use whatever weight, if any, you want to tailor the workout to your level!”

Kristy Burnett

“Enjoyed the workout with Kettlebell felt safe and healthy! Instructor very professional but also friendly. Helpful to make sure proper positioning was used.”

Virginia Giles

“Instructors are really good. Classes for every one & every fitness level. Great prices for the classes.”

Emily Smith
“I love everything about Elevation! Great atmosphere, new and top of the line equipment, cleanliness is definitely a priority for them because it shows. All of the trainers are so encouraging and the classes are both challenging and fun. Highly recommend!”