Yoga with Becky

In this class the basic, foundational yoga postures are practiced to align, strengthen and encourage flexibility throughout the body. You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement.

This class will mainly be a Vinyasa (translates to “flowing with breath”) is a dynamic style of yoga that combines physical postures, with breath, creating a rhythm for the practice. This class is designed to build heat in the body and a strong focus on the power of breath awareness. Class concludes with restorative yoga postures meant to settle the body and mind.

We suggest a yoga mat and yoga blocks if you have them. If not, our studio does offer them or you are welcome to bring a large towel or blanket. For in studio classes, a cool lavender towel will be offered with savasana. It is your choice to place it over your eyes, chest or leave it to the side.

Variations and modifications are offered throughout, as well as encouragement to listen to your body. This class is for all fitness and yoga levels.

Hustle & Flow with Becky

This class is a mix of low cardio bursts, sculpting with low weight, high rep resistance training and the meditative flow of yoga wound throughout the class. This class will leave you feeling like you’ve had a mindful full body workout. Each class ends with a 15 minutes yoga cool down and a savasana with cool lavender towels.

The only equipment used in this class are yoga mats, free weights, and resistance bands. Make sure to bring a towel and water. Fun, funky playlists will help move you throughout this workout. Come experience the fun on Sunday at 3:00pm or Thursday at 6:00pm. You can also do this class at your leisure by signing up for a Pre-Recorded Hustle & Flow available on Tuesday at 3:00pm.

HIIT w/ Taylor

Wednesdays at 6:05am. Begin your day with Taylor’s High intensity interval training class. This class is designed to burn calories, make you SWEAT and tone your entire body. The structure of this class includes 40 secs of work, 15 secs of rest for three circuits. Taylor provides modifications for ALL exercises to create a workout for anyone to enjoy. Enjoy this sweat-sesh with the best environment & music turned up to set the tone for your workout! Please bring a mat/towel and water. ​Contact Taylor for more information:

Step Aerobics & Total Body Strength w/ Theresa

Wake up and sweat with Theresa’s step aerobics and total body fit class! This class includes 30 minutes of high intensity step aerobics and 30 minutes of full body training with free weights for the perfect balance of cardio & strength training! All fitness levels are welcome! ​ Bring a mat/towel and water. ​ Contact Theresa Allen for more information:

Bootcamp with Theresa

Saturday at 8am

Start your weekend with Theresa’s bootcamp! This is a high intensity interval class and structured as 60 secs of work and 20 secs rest. Enjoy a wide variety of exercises to work your total body!

Contact Theresa Allen for more information:

MS Girls Strength

Little Gym w Mak

HS Boys Strength

Functional Kettle Bell Class w/ P


High School Speed/Agility

Strength/Agility w/P

Chair Yoga w/ Becky (Tues/Thurs 11am)

Chair Yoga is offered to help increase strength, flexibility and stretch your way to a happier and healthier you. This class will be focused in a chair, building up to more balanced positions over time. We will focus on better posture, specific muscle groups, and mind body connection.

Chairs, Yoga Blocks, and Straps will be provided. If you have limited range of motion, never done yoga, or recovering from an injury, this class is for you. This class is available to all ages and stages of life

Kickboxing & Core w/ Becky (Mon 6:05am)

This class is cardio based and designed to get your heart rate up. Expect to perform moves that are fast paced and combined with some martial art techniques. This is a high-energy workout that will challenge any fitness level. You will build stamina, improve your coordination, and burn calories all while building lean muscle.

This class cycles through 5 rounds of High Intensity Kickboxing and 4 rounds of core focused work. Be sure to bring water and a yoga mat.

Pre- Recorded Cardio & Sculpt w/ Theresa

Sign up by 5pm every Friday!
60 mins of cardio and strength exercises all in one class!

This class is designed to boost up your cardio doing short interval segments on a stationary machine, that will put you in the fat burning mode! You will have 6 segments, each will last 10 minutes on and off the machine!